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OMNI™ Delivers Payload Selectively to Lymph Nodes Following Subcutaneous Injection
  • OMNI micelles localize to the lymph node following subcut injection where they are primarily taken up by dendritic cells
  • OMNI can deliver tumor associated antigens, small molecules, cyclic peptides 
OMNI™ Binds to STING Through a Different Binding Site from cGAMP, other Cyclic Di-Nucleotides
  • Endogenous STING agonists (cGAMP or other CDNs) bind to the STING dimer interface covered by a lip of four-stranded antiparallel β sheet (human AA 219-249)
  • OMNI binds to STING through a distinct surface binding site E296/D297 on the α5 helix
.....Resulting in a Strong Immune Response
  • OMNI™  induces STING condensation and immune activation through polyvalent interactions
  • Enabling prolonged and sustained STING activation
  • Activates cGMP-resistant STING variants 
ONM-500.H1: OncoNano’s OMNI™ Program for HPV Related Cancers Supported by CPRIT

• Awarded $15.4 million grant from CPRIT to advance product development
• ONM-500.H1 uses the full-length E6 and E7 (HPV type 16) oncoproteins to cover the multi-immunogenic T-cell epitopes in patients 

• ONM-500.H1 [OMNITM + E6 and E7 recombinant (HPV type 16)] shows significant TC-1 tumor growth inhibition (left) over control groups and 100% survival with and without anti-PD1 treatment